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William Hrdina started writing in college in 1998 (at the ripe old age of 24).  Since then,  he’s completed 26 novels and over 150 short stories.  His work is available in good ‘ol fashioned paper copies, ebook or audiobook  formats.

A midwestern guy from Chicago, William earned a philosophy and religion degree from Indiana University.  With his highly practical degrees in hand, William went into the workforce, writing at night and after work.  After a varied career at the University of Chicago, William moved with his wife and animal children to the Northwest in October of 2012.

Upon arrival in the Portland area, William worked to make a living from writing alone.  About three years later, after failing to spark off a Hunger Games type frenzy for his work, William went back to a normal job–undaunted.

Over his prolific nearly 20 year career, William Hrdina has written novels, screenplays, radio dramas, audiobooks and short stories in the genres of Fiction, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Young Adult, Satire, Humor, Religion, Adventure, Suspense, Horror,  Murder Mystery and even a Western.  His short audio stories have been played on NPR stations around the country.  Occasionally, he can be found hocking his books on Phish lot and at music festivals.

He continues towrite everyday.

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