Our Story

Books and hotdogs.

I’d written 33 novels, worked in ICUs, ran medical simulation labs and oversaw the design and construction of a middle school.  But, at 47, I’d reached a crossroads.

All I’d ever wanted to do, really, was to work for myself, sell some books, and make a living.

It was a joke at first, “I’ll open a hotdog cart.”

And then, one day, it stopped being a joke.  I wanted to do it.  I kinda had to.

People love hotdogs. I love hotdogs.  Specifically, Vienna Beef hotdogs.  But you can’t get Vienna hotdogs here in the Pacific Northwest.  So I figured why not combine the thing I miss most about Chicago with selling books?  Steady income, bringing the glory of Vienna hotdogs and Polish to my new home and steady exposure to the public for my books…what could be more American than that?

The chips we have were my favorites as a kid: Fritos, Cheetos, Lays Potato Chips, & Doritos.  We have Coke, Orange and Grape Crush because I lived for them as a kid.  

Every dog comes with a double-stuff Oreo, because Oreos are awesome.